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I'm a loser...

FRIDAY: I did nothing on Friday.. *yawn* but clearly I was saving myself for Saturday, (possibly one of the best days I've had in AGES):

SATURDAY: I got up late, and I spoke to Keely on the phone. Now at Ni's party on Friday night... Steph and Kee had a huge fight with Ni, Shamz and Sade. Too long and boring to explain, but it bascially turned into a huge shouting match, made worse by the fact they were all out of it. Sadie then wasn't gonna come out with us.. but Kee and I managed to persuade her. We met in town.. I bought a blusher and Kee bought credit (ooh, excitement) then we went back to Kee's.

Was tres funny at her house, as we did 2 faces masks HAHA and we also put cucumber on our eyes. We had a hilarious time.. I <3 Kee at the mo (I always do.. but like at the mo we are v close) she's sooo hilarious and we just chat about random shit for hours =| (think you and I Laura LOL).. Then Sade came round, and we got ready to go out, with various bits of advice from Chenoa (cool name..), Kee's sister.

So, the 3 of us went out on Park Street (Kee looked so old.. and Sadie looked stunning! Me however = Meh.) At first we went to Romeo Brown's (beacuse they play hip hop and r&b and that's what Sade and Kee wanted. It's not what I'm into CLEARLY lol, but I prefer it to dance..) but the IDed us.. and clearly we had no ID. So then we walked up Park St to look for somewhere else.. and we saw Liz (who looked OLD) and she said she was going to Romeo Brown's. But we couldn't go with her, cos she was going with a mate who had connections with the bouncers.. or some shit LOL. So we asked her where she thought we would get in and she said Dojo's.

OH BTW. IT WAS RAINING. HARD. So imagine me.. usually not very attractive.. now WET with FRIZZY HAIR =|

So off the 3 of us went to Dojo's.. and we pushed the door but it looked closed =|. So we walked away... but then this random came up to us: "girls are you trying to get into Dojo's?"
"Erm.. yeah but it's closed I think?"
"No it's not, I'm just not on the door at the mo". So then he opened the door and just let us in!!!
But we were THE FIRST PEOPLE IN THERE, closely followed by these 2, about 18 year old guys. For about 15 mins, the 3 of us just sat in there... but then this 26-year old, named Marco with a HILARIOUSLY posh camp accent.. came over and started talking to us with his friend Alex, who told Keely she was "gorgeous". I then told Marco I was 17 *ahem* and he STILL TRIED TO TOUCH ME UP.
We managed to escape from them though, and we soon moved onto the dance floor HAHA. There was this ABSOLUTELY hilarious 40-something dancing like he was Justin, but rubbing his strangely pregnant-like belly =|. He kept dancing next to us which was SOOOO funny!
We decided to explore the "outside" which is basically a load of sofas under shelter... strange, but cool. We got bored, so we went back inside, started dancing again and pushed our way back into the middle when this random rugby dude tried to dance and feel up Keely.. and then Sadie. Clearly they both told him f off LOL.
Then I started dancing with George haha... I'm tempted to go into detail but I won't cos it'll make me sound like a loser who hasn't got any for a long time (*ahem*).
Kee and Sade then both got with these like 25 year olds HAHAHAHA, while me and George were outside talking (he's 17, knows my mate and my mate's sister... lower 6th, physics, bio, ICT and history...). We had to leave after that lol.. and we got the Nightbus back to Kee's which was TOO FUNNY... cos we saw these guys from the gym who started chatting up Kee.. but then when they found out our age MOVED AWAY lol!

SUNDAY: Lazed at Kee's until 3 LOL! And then came back and worked. *yawn*

MONDAY (aka.. today): Was far too happy today. Danced like a loon to lots of old pop choons with Juliet.. told far too many people about Saturday, but also arranged to out with Jane, Soph, Sof, Sade and Kee on Saturday. (kee's worried whether Sof will get in tho...).
Jane said she recognised George's name and then called her sis (also in his year at the same school) to find out about him.. and this is what her sister said:
He's nice, but a stoner who smashes up cars... but if I were you, I'd stay away from him because he's a bit of a hoe.

Now... the hoe.. and the stoner I can handle. BUT SMASHES UP CARS? Jane then thought it was hilarious to shout for the rest of the day "EMMA PULLED A PSYCHO!". Hadiha.
Sof's asking her sister tonight tho, who knows him better.. and Jane's getting more detail tonight. But both of them think their sisters will mention it to George, which will be crazily embarassing as he's clearly just a hoe and not interested in me at all. =|

If I see him on Saturday (which is likely) I'm aiming for the making him jealous plan. I'll let you know the success factor.
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